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AllMichaelJackson.com is a site where new fans can discover the works and some of the true background of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. Long term fans will also find many areas of interest.

This is time to remember Michael Jackson, his music, his amazing talent and him as wonderful human being. Millions of us have grown up to his music, he is the soundtrack to many of our lives.

Quick updates and thoughts in AllMJ Twitter.

Find out about all of Michael Jackson's albums as a solo artist from his Mowtown days to his world beating best sellers and popular compilation albums. Are there any gems missing from your music collection?

Michael Jackson Biography Era's - Learn more about Michael's Life Story.
This section of the site takes a look at each of the main era's of Michael's career from the Jackson 5 right up to Invincible.

The Jackson 5 Era - This is where it all started from, Michael the youngest of 5 brothers in the Jackson 5.

Jackson's Era, where Michael and his brothers leave Motown and start to take control of writing and producing there own music.

Off the Wall Era, Michael Jackson starts out as an solo adult artist releasing a multi million selling album and starting to use music videos to promote his singles.

Thriller Era when Michael emerged as a worldwide superstar. So many people went to music shops to buy his album that sales of all music increased dramatically. His music videos changed music promotion and got black artists played on MTV! Plus much more!!

Bad era, is when Michael Jackson aimed to make the most perfect album ever. There were 2 movies, Captain Eo and Moonwalker. Plus his first as a solo artist and at the time farewell tour, yes the recording breaking Bad Tour!

Dangerous Era and Michael Jackson continues his reign as the King of Pop with another huge selling album and short films with the latest special effects of the time. He also embarks another world tour to raise funds for his "Heal The World Foundation".

History Era, Michael Jackson tours the world for the last time, releases 2 albums and a mini movie, Ghosts.

Invincible Era Michael releases a new album and celebrates 30 years as solo artist. Plus falls out with Sony Music.

We also have an overall Michael Jackson biography.


January 3rd 2010 - New song leaks online, Another Day with Kenny Kravitz.

October 27th - This Is It Premiers around the world, watch these videos now.

New Michael Jackson single released - This Is It out now, although not an official singles release so won't be charting. Its only been released for radio airplay.

New Michael Jackson album to be released October 26th/27th. The This Is It album will be a double album and feature classic hits as well as previously unheard versions of songs and a new single "This Is It" which is an old Jackson's song that was never released from around the time if the Triumph album.

This Is It Movie tickets on sale as of 27th September. The movie is only being shown for a limited 2 week period.

This Is It Shows Cinema Release - Michael Jackson's final concert rehearsals to be released October 30th 2009. Most of the footage will be of Michael performing at the Staples Center in June 2009. There will also be behind the scenes footage. Some scenes will be in 3D.

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert has been cancelled. It was all too rushed. One is now being planned for next year. Very disappointing that they tried to rush and do a tribute concert promising big names that already have hectic work schedules and would unable to attend this event. Some fans even lost out booking flights etc. Lets hope they get it right for next year and make it a Tribute concert worthy of Michael who always wanted to give his fans the very best.

Prior to Michael Jackson's death (See the link for all the death related news.

June 24th - More 02 Arena Tickets going on sale!!!

This Is It Tour More tickets have been released so fans who have missed out can try and get them today.

This Is It Tour - Michael to play 50 nights at the O2 Arena, London from July 2009 through to February 2010. Watch Michael at the O2 Arena Press Conference.

1 million tickets sold out within hours!!!

See our latest Michael Jackson Ticket News and also our

Tips for buying Michael Jackson Tickets.

Keep up to date with our latest news and make sure you don't miss out on future ticket and concert news.

March 13th All general tickets now sold out. There may be some of the premium Thriller Hospitality tickets left which include the best seats in the O2 Arena. However these are several hundred pounds. Some tickets may available from other merchants but prices will be above the original selling prices. Read here for more Michael Jackson Ticket News.

March 12th There's now 45 dates in total at time of writing, new dates into 2010 have been added. If you want to buy a ticket don't panic and keep trying. Last night fans were panicking and this morning new dates were added, so early birds would have been more likely to get tickets. Who knows how many dates will be announced, an event organizer said they would do as many dates as it takes and it certainly seems to be going that way.

Also, when in the buying process, be patient. Don't open more than one screen at a time and try and get tickets, you'll be booted out the queue after waiting a long time. Also, the site may go down as it did March 11th. Just get back on with buying. Be patient, it may take a couple of hours to buy. Good luck.

Demand is phenomenally, people I know who don't even go to concerts very often (if at all), want to go and see Michael Jackson. Michael has a huge fan base in England, but also there's a general huge interest him and his music, remembering back to 2003 when Living With Michael Jackson screened, nearly one quarter of the population watched it!!!! Over 14 million!

March 11th Presale tickets on sale, as they sold out more dates were added until the day ended with approximately 30 dates going into September 2009.

March 4th 2009 Michael Jackson is in London, to appear at a press conference on March 5th at The O2 Arena at 4pm. Its also been reported that Michael will announce he will be performing a 10 of dates in July 2009. Check here for latest Michael Jackson Ticket News.

Michael Jackson Music Videos
Watch and learn about all of Michael's Music Videos or short films as he used to call them. From Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Video which was his first as an adult solo artist, through to Thriller Video which is often voted the most popular music video of all time, and Scream Video at $7 million the most expensive music video ever made. We have them all for you to Watch Now!

We also have information on his home released videos and dvds that you can buy and watch in the comfort of your home.

Michael Jackson Bad Tour

Michael Jackson Music & Memorabilia Store - Recommended!!!

Find rare cds, 12 inch vinyl's, clothing, t-shirts, jackets, dolls, and collectibles!! Visit Michael Jackson Trader!!!!
s of rare music items including cd singles with awesome re mixes, cd albums from the Jackson 5 days to present. Also rare collectors vinyl's.

Lots of collectibles including vintage dolls and outfits, Thriller jackets and t shirts. A whole section of books and magazines plus some amazing real hand-signed autographs. Michael Jackson Trader has everything, and if its not on the site just ask them to trace it!

Check out our Michael Jackson Links Directory
Our MJ Links Directory with a wide range of Michael Jackson sites and more. Anything you can't find on my site you will find on these sites.

Webmasters of music and especially MJ sites Webmasters Click Here to get your site added and get your site seen by many more visitors!
If you like my site then feel free to link to www.allmichaeljackson.com from your site, you can link to any parts you wish, lyrics, news, or information pages. Its a site for all Michael Jackson fans.

ALL Michael Jackson.com is a web sites for fans from around the world.

Based in the United Kingdom I wanted to provide a site that has all and everything a fan could want to know and find out about the man himself and all aspects of his work both for himself and the work he does for others.

Everything on the site is from what I believe to a factual source (feel free to email me any corrections).

Many new fans don't know his extensive past from the days of the Jackson 5, the ground breaking videos, the dance moves and so much more. I hope this site does a little to shed some light on his extensive talents as well as keeping you up to date with Michael's current projects.
Michael Jackson has and continues to be an inspiration to many people across many continents and generations, long may that continue.

I'm aiming for this site to be the number one Michael Jackson site on the internet both in content and also the number of visitors. Suggestions on any aspect of the site are always welcome, whether you have suggestions on improving or suggestions for info on a particular aspect that you think should be on the site. Also I intend to add a frequently asked questions page to the site, so please ask and I will endeavour to find a truthful factual answer. This may help in dispelling some of the lies and myths surrounding the most famous superstar in the world.

Let me know what you would like to see on the site, would you like more info from the days of the Jackson 5 and the Jackson's or anything else.

(c) Copyright 2002 - 2008 Michael Jackson Homepage FanClub Website