This site is dedicated to Michael Jackson, otherwise known as The King of Pop.The most successful musical superstar of all time and certainly the most influential al round entertainer. His music, videos, dance and live performances changed popular culture and continue to inspire young and old around the world.

From the age of 11 with his group of brothers the Jackson 5, Michael started as a record breaker with there first 4 singles hitting the Billboard number spot. In 1979 he broke away from Motown Records with the album Off The Wall which launched his career as an adult solo artist. 1982 saw the release the biggest selling album of all time, Thriller. Subsequent albums Bad, Dangerous and HIStory feature in the list of best selling albums, all topping sales of 20 million each. Even his last album, Invincible which was hardly promoted at the time of release went on to sell over 13 million copies. Over the course of his career, it's estimated he sold 400- 750 million records worldwide! We have information on all his albums and individual songs released as an adult soloist.

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Michael Jackson Biography and in depth Era Bio's. - Learn more about Michael's Life Story.
We have a brief Michael Jackson biography, but also more in depth looks at specific era's of his life, of which there were many, and to which we have linked to below.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29th 1958 in Gary, Indiana, USA. The Jackson 5 era started years before there first hit single was released. The brothers were pushed hard by there disciplinarian father, Joe Jackson, rehearsing for hours and playing gigs in clubs.. After years of learning there craft the group burst onto the international music scene in 1969. This is when the fame all started for a young Michael Jackson, the lead singer and youngest of 5 brothers in the Motown group, The Jackson 5.

In 1975 the brothers left Motown Records, Jermaine Jackson left the group, brother Randy Jackson joined and the Jackson's Era commenced. Michael and his brothers were now able to start to take control of writing and producing there own music. They did so for many years, with there success overlapping Michael's early solo successes. The Jacksons had a number of hit albums and singles. They launched many successful albums, some accompanied by successful tours, such as the Destiny, Triumph and the Victory Tour, entertaining millions of fans with there outstanding and energetic live performances.

In 1979, the Off the Wall Era, Michael launched his solo career as an adult artist with the release of the album "Off The Wall", produced by Quincy Jones, who he had met on the making of the soundtrack to the movie The Wiz. Hit singles were released and the album won many awards, but Michael felt he could achieve much more.

The Thriller Era was when Michael Jackson really emerged as a worldwide superstar. So many people went to music shops to buy his Thriller album that sales of all music increased dramatically. His music videos changed music promotion and popular culture, even getting black artists played on MTV! Record after record was broken. There was the trade mark dance moves including the first Moonwalk. The best selling Making of Thriller video and so much more. Finally Michael achieved his goal of creating the best selling album of all time. He was now one of the best known names in the world.

Following on with Bad era, confirmed Michael Jackson as the biggest star of the 1980's. Michael had aimed to make the most perfect album ever, the "Bad" album, which went on to sell over 30 million copies. There were 2 movies, starting with Captain Eo in 1986 and Moonwalker in 1988. Plus his first world tour as a solo artist, as it was billed at the time, a farewell tour, the recording breaking Bad Tour!

1991 was the start of the Dangerous Era and Michael Jackson continued his reign as the King of Pop. He released another huge selling album along with singles and ground breaking short films with the latest special effects of the time. He also embarks another world tour, the Dangerous Tour to raise funds for his "Heal The World Foundation". In 1993 he performed at the Super Bowl. More people tuned in to watch his performance than the actual game itself.

1995 saw the start of the History Era. It saw the release of 2 albums. the double album HIStory, which was an album of new songs and a second album of Greatest Hits. There was also the release of remix album "Blood on the Dance Floor". The 38 min short film Ghosts, written with Stephen King was released. Michael also toured the world for the last time, as part of the HIStory tour.

The Invincible Era was a disappointment by Michael's own standards. Due to a falling out with Michael's record label, Sony Music, the album "Invincible" was not greatly promoted. Only the first single, "You Rock My World" was released with an accompanying video. Michael performed twice in celebration of 30 years as solo artist.


Michael Jackson Music Videos
To some, Michael was also known as "The King of Music Videos". Watch as well as learn about all of Michael's Music Videos or short films as he used to call them. From his first as a soloist, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Video through to his last, the "One More Chance" Video.

The Thriller Video is often voted the most popular music video of all time and is credited as being the most successful music video ever by Guinness Records. Along with the video of Billie Jean and the Beat It video the videos were credited with breaking down racial barriers, as prior to their release black artists were rarely played on MTV.

There are videos such as the Bad video, directed by Martin Scorsese, which runs for 19 min's. The Smooth Criminal video features the anti gravity lean dance move. The release of a Michael Jackson video became a worldwide event. In particular the Black or White video, premiered at the same time in 27 countries reaching a worldwide audience of 500 million. Most of that audience had never seen the effect of morphing. Many of his videos featured ground breaking special effects for there time. The critically acclaimed award winning Scream Video at $7 million is the most expensive music video ever made.

Other videos featured multiple famous celebrities of the era, for example "Liberian Girl" and "Remember the Time" were full of well known movie stars and musicians. The environmental video Earth Song gained a Grammy Nomination. There is also the video for "Ghosts" which is the longest music video of all time at 38 minutes.

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Michael Jacksons Death and Posthumous Events
Michaels Jacksons death was a shock to the world. His untimely passing was just weeks before his comeback "This is It" concerts scheduled at the O2 Arena, London. However, in even in death Michael broke numerous records such was his worldwide star power. His Memorial Service was the most watched Tv broadcast in history with possibly over 2 billion viewers. His records, both past and new releases from the archives have continued to sell in there millions.

May Michael Jackson Forever R.I.P